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Natural beauty, cultural attractions, outdoor adventures and climate are all important considerations in choosing any new home.

It also needs to be a place that feels private yet convenient, with access to basic services such as airports, municipal offices, schools, churches and hospitals.

Prescott Lakes gets high marks on all counts. Situated in central Arizona, less than two hours from Sedona, Flagstaff and Phoenix, with its Sky Harbor Airport and dazzling downtown, each of our eight communities provide a varied and fulfilling lifestyle.

In addition to the Prescott Lakes Golf & Country Club at the center of the community, just down the road is a true gem of the American West—Prescott, Arizona itself. Founded in 1864, Prescott enjoys a rich heritage that boasts charming storefronts, engaging museums, great restaurants and a contemporary shopping center.

Drive a bit farther and you're soaking up the grandeur of the Granite Mountain Wilderness and National Forest Preserves, with scenic drives through dense ponderosa pines and rolling hills.

With spectacular year-round weather making every aspect of life here that much more accessible and enjoyable, Prescott Lakes is in one of the most well-appointed, picturesque and recreation-oriented regions in the country.